Are you healthy by choice or by chance?

Gloriosa Ltd's mission is to promote health and wellbeing and to empower you to make informed choices to lead a full and healthy life by providing ongoing advice and support for choices that work for you.

Are you tired of taking one medication, and then being told you need a second or third one to counteract the side effects? You are among a growing number of people looking for alternative cures and Gloriosa can help you with that!

We specialise in people who have food allergies and/or intolerances, or suspect that may be why they do not feel as good as they'd like.

Are you looking for vibrant health? You too can feel good, look good, look good, feel good.

Taking nutritional supplements is all about having energy to do what you want to.

Let Luud be your personal Health Care Professional and your nutrition advisor. Ask Gloriosa how you too can apply for a considerable discount on prices. Testimonials

Gloriosa has had evironmentally friendly policies since inception: to name a few:

* we always use and have used paper bags;

* we reuse paper when applicable

* we turn off applicances not in use

and are conscious of what we do and the consequences.

Informatie voor mensen die alternatieve manieren zoeken om gezond te zijn en te blijven, is beschikbaar in het Nederlands: stuur Luud een email! De supplementen kunnen in Nederland bezorgd worden.

"You have the power to control your own future and determine your destiny."


Lake Te Koutu - Cambridge

Luud Aalsma
Meet Luud

Luud (Lute) Aalsma who owns Gloriosa Ltd is a Wellbeing & Energy Consultant, a qualified Registered General and Obstetric Nurse.


Gloriosa has a mobile office, so full health consultations and presentations can be made on an individual or group basis at your convenience.

Health Tips

Our natural levels of CoQ10 declines with ... Levels of CoQ10 are especially low in individuals that suffer from... See "Health Page for more information.

to Gloriosa Ltd's email list for the following benefits:

* you will have access to previously published health tips;

* an occasional health- and/or nutrition based newsletter;

* information about the latest medical and scientific research results, for the health and well-being of your family.


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